We are here to make your idea come to life.

Publishing your book alone can be overwhelming, so we are here to make it easy. We seek to remove the hassles that are associated with typical publishers: paying a literary agent, losing the rights to your books, risking the integrity of your manuscript after submission, and having to wait excessive periods of time just to find out whether or not the publisher wants your work.

Coffee Seed Books® Publishing offers a full-range of publishing services with our team of professional graphic designers, editors, and illustrators. We will connect your book to large book distributors and retailers such as AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks A Million and more, making your book available worldwide in print or eBook formats.

Why Choose Coffee Seed Books® Publishing?

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creative process
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Coffee Seed Books® Publishing offers all of the technical services you need to publish your story with quality and confidence.


We will file a copyright for your book with the United States Copyright Office in your name. Filing for a copyright will protect the ownership of your book.  


We provide book editing in both English and Spanish. Editing may be available for more languages in the future.


We will assign an International Serial Book Number (ISBN) for your book in each format. An ISBN is a product identifier for ordering, listing, sales records, and stock control purchases for all book sellers, libraries, internet retailers, and other supply chain participants. Without this ISBN, your book is invisible.  

technical services


Do you have a vision for how your story should look? We involve you in the creative process from start to finish. Our team of professional designers and illustrators will work with you to make your vision a reality!

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Graphic Design

A graphic designer will work with you to make a book that meets high industry standards and that you will feel proud of. Graphic design services include cover design, typography and layout design.


Our team of illustrators will bring your story to life and capture the imagination of young readers, with original artwork, unique to your story.


At Coffee Seed Books® Publishing, we want you to feel confident that your book will be fully accessible to all readers in today’s high on-demand market.

Worldwide Distribution

We connect your book to large book distributors and retailers such as AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks A Million and more, making your book available worldwide in print or eBook. 

On-Demand Printing

You will be able to print your book—be it one copy or thousands—on demand, without the hassle of storing those books yourself.


Our eBook files are compatible with all major e-reading devices and will be available everywhere books are sold.

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Who is Coffee Seed Books® Publishing?

Coffee Seed Books® is a publishing company with the ability to publish all types of books in several different sizes and is able to distribute them worldwide through our partners. Also, CSB will make them available via the largest book retailers such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million,, and many more. We support people with publishing their books in a professional way that meets industry standards, but without the restrictions and challenges of the largest book publishers.

Where is Coffee Seed Books® located?

Washington State, U.S.A.

Does Coffee Seed Books® use clipart or stock images in the publication of their books?

No. Coffee Seed Books® does NOT use clipart or stock images. All images and illustrations we create are original work made for each book.

Who can publish a book with Coffee Seed Books®?

Any person that meets our requirements. Note: Genre requirements means all content is age and demographic appropriate when writing for children, we do not tolerate any work that is promoting hate speech against anyone. However, we will publish books about hate and discrimination as a factual, or historical recount of events with the purpose of educating and informing the public.

How old do I have to be to publish a book with Coffee Seed Books®?

There is no minimum age, but if you are a minor, you and your legal guardian must sign an agreement accepting the publishing contract with Coffee Seed Books®.

Do I need to have a literary agent to publish with Coffee Seed Books®?

No. You do NOT need to have a literary agent to publish with Coffee Seed Books®.

Do I need to be a known author to publish a book with Coffee Seed Books®?

No, it is not a requirement, but we will review the material you submit before agreeing to publish your book.

Can published authors publish a book with Coffee Seed Books®?

Yes. Published authors can publish a book with Coffee Seed Books®.

If I publish my book with Coffee Seed Books®, does your company own the rights to my book?

No, Coffee Seed Books® does not own the intellectual property. You or the person/Legal Entity that has been designated as the intellectual property owner has control of the copyrights to your book. Coffee Seed Books®, however, will have worldwide sales and distribution rights for your book while we have an agreement with you to do so.

What format does Coffee Seed Books® publish?

Hardback, paperback, and e-book.

What languages does Coffee Seed Books® publish?

Coffee Seed Books® currently has editors and translators for publishing books in English, Spanish, or both. Books in any other language will be reviewed with third-party editors or translators to ensure our professional standards are met.

Do I need to have my own illustrations?

No, Coffee Seed Books® has illustrators that will work with you to make your story come to life. But you can have your own illustrations created by you or someone else. However, the illustrations must meet industry standard requirements.

How much does it cost to publish a book with Coffee Seed Books®?

The cost of publishing a book is based on multiple factors such as the type of book, length, complexity of the editing process, and third-party services that you choose, or are required. Our prices are competitive within the industry, but due to the inherent nature of the material, cost of printing and shipping, and price of services involved in the publishing process, our prices may change to match market values. However, our goal is to always give our authors the best possible price within the publishing industry. Contact us to learn more about our current publishing packages.

How long does it take to publish a book?

It can take between 6 to 18 months, but this depends on a variety of factors.

Does Coffee Seed Books® pay me to publish my book?

No, there is no upfront payment to the author, unless CSB wants to buy the rights to your book outright. If you agree to this, then you will make an agreement with CSB and all the terms will be explained at that time.

How do I get paid?

Coffee Seed Books® will pay you a royalty for each book sold after all expenses of the publishing, shipping, required taxes and fees are deducted.

How much do I get paid in royalties?

You will be paid 70% of the net profit that Coffee Seed Books® receives from each book sold.

Why does Coffee Seed Books® pays 70% in royalties while most self-publishers only pay up to 40%?

At Coffee Seed Books® we believe that you, the author, should get paid as much as possible for the work you created.

How often do I get paid royalties?

We pay royalties every 3 months as long as the amount earned during that time is equal to or greater than $25.00, otherwise the royalties will be paid upon reaching that $25.00 milestone.

Where will my book be available?

Your book will be available for sale worldwide through our website, all major online book retailers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million, and more), and any book retailers who wish to order physical copies of your book to be stored and sold at their traditional stores. NOTE: Coffee Seed Books® Publishing does not have any influence on which retailer will take and offer any of our published books on their physical or online stores.

Who decides the price of my book?

You (the author). Coffee Seed Books® will work with our authors to inform them on the price of the book that will most likely sell. But if the author desires to price their book for more than the recommended amount, they can.

Do I get free copies of my book for me or friends and family?

Yes, you get 5 copies included in the publishing cost. If you want to have more copies, then you can purchase them via the publisher at a discounted price. NOTE: If you decide to purchase books at discounted prices via the publisher, these copies do not generate royalties

Will my book have exposure to potential buyers?

Yes, via Coffee Seed Books’ website, social media platforms, and on all major online book retailers such Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books A Million and more. You also have the option to purchase additional services to advertise your book through third-party book advertising companies. NOTE: Coffee Seed Books® does not have control of prices, rules, and regulations of these third-party companies.

Does Coffee Seed Books® send my book to bookstores or libraries to carry my book?

Coffee Seed Books® will notify book sellers and libraries through our worldwide book distribution channels that your book is available to be ordered and available for them to carry it at their store, but it is a third-party company who decides whether to carry your book or not.

How does the publishing process work with Coffee Seed Books® Publishing?

● First, we would need you to provide us with your contact details (email, phone, and full name) and what type of book you want to publish..

● When you are ready, provide us with the manuscript of your book for our review.

● When CSB is finished reviewing your book, and if we agree to publish it, then you will receive our author’s legal contract explaining our commitment to you and your rights as the author and owner of the book.

● Once you have reviewed the contract and all your questions are answered to your satisfaction, you will sign the publishing contract.

● Then you will be assigned a publishing coordinator to work with you.

● You will have the opportunity to participate in the design process of your book if you desire, or leave it to the professionals at CSB to do it for you.

● Your book is published.

● Your book goes live and is shared with all of our distribution channels.

● Congratulations, you are a published author!

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